Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dreaming about Blowfish and Daemons

I've had a moment with Ubuntu, yes one of those moments where your eye develops a twitch. So I quietly and calmly backed-up my files, rebooted and wiped my hard drive, a few times :)

I decided to reinstall OpenBSD 4.1, and so far I'm loving it. The freedom and the experience of the command line is unlike any other. After all the command line is why I wanted to learn a Unix based system in the first place.

I'd forgotten how excited I feel working with the commandline. I'm actually looking forward to using my computer again.
My servers don't have GUI's yet it's been a while since my desktop was a command line.
Everything is very fast, I almost don't know myself. I feel as though I'm flying along.

I think I'll be dreaming about blowfish and daemons tonight ;) If I ever get to bed that is.


^0^ said...

Meh, I think this whole 'make GNU/Linux user-friendly for the newer users' thing is going to be a long way ahead.

I mean come on, how do you expect to push forward a GUI like KDE _when the only stock documentation available is textual_ ???

I'm writing a list of all the things needing improvement to actually make it more user friendly, but most of them are minor details that really make the aesthetic composition of a GUI more complete (thus, eventually making a huge difference as a whole).
Though I'm afraid that exactly this approach is being evaded by developers as 'non-important' and 'too minor'.

As for me, I understood long ago that powerful use of the *nix systems is at the end of the day still, command-line based. Hence I'm learning Linux+ certification material to actually get a grasp of how the system architecture is built.

It is however a sword that cuts on 2 sides.
For one, I realise the immense customisation possibility and flexibility of the CLI, though I would've preferably seen a situation where most of the adaptation of OS-User would be more on the OS side.

But fear not... for the human grasps every technology at hand, for it is called instinct.