Friday, January 26, 2007


I have been busy these last couple of days playing with an internal LAN setup. It has been down right painful. I "love" GUI's which "know" what I really want *rolling eyes*. Every time I have it working just fine, I move on, and then within 10-30 Min's everything goes to shit.

That's not all, there have been a couple of personal things which have been plaguing me. All up I just can't seem to get it together at the moment. Not that I am complaining. There are so many hundreds of thousands of millions of people suffering more than I. I am just forgetting to look on the bright side of life.

Today here in Australia it is: Australia Day. A day on which we celebrate the slaughter of thousands of native people. What is this society coming to?
When are people going to see that we can't live this way? Humans will not survive if we don't work together. What makes Humans so powerful is that we have the capacity to work together, as a group, a collective. We could achieve so many things.

  • Imagine how great our knowledge would be if we shared it between us all. (even the "sacred texts" the medical research papers, the things that others have decided that the public can't handle.)
  • Imagine how far the space program would be if there where no monetary concerns.
  • Imagine the new inventions which would develop if ideas where not locked down by massive companies, who have no intention of developing them.
  • Imagine if ideas were free.
  • Imagine the computer systems, if the company's shared ideas, and worked together.
  • Imagine if children were not forced into institutions to learn "their place", but were treasured, their skills encouraged and their ideas listened to.
  • Imagine if there was no money! No hording of possessions. So that some have all and most have none.
  • Imagine if we lived with equality!
  • Imagine that it didn't matter were you where born or how much money your family had. And that you still had a chance to share yourself with the world, to give to humanity, and your opinions counted.
  • Imagine if we didn't step on the intelligent people, and make them feel worthless, and hopeless, that we encouraged there talents, and used there skills to help further humanity.
  • Imagine the peace, the love, the laughing, the fun, the knowledge.
  • Imagine having a friend who didn't want something from you.
Just imagine. I know I'm a dreamer.

I just don't get this society. I don't understand why we don't working together for the good of every one. The earth is not going to be around forever. We need to spread out, or humans will not survive. When are we going to stop these petty squabbles over land, money, religion, and realize that we are all human! We are the same species, and furthering our species should be more important than, money, actors, clothes, what fred is doing, guilt, or trying to be something society says is right.

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