Saturday, December 02, 2006

No Power

I have been busy the past couple of days cleaning the house and paying bills. So much fun I know. I hope to get back to reading and building my firewall tomorrow. I feel lost not being on my computer.
I lost the power for a couple of hours the other night. It was the first night of the Sci Fi channel being on Austar. My partner and I sat down to watch the first show on at 12am. It was a repeat in true Austar style, so I went back to the computer room. I was in the middle of writing a post when the power went. I don't have an UPS (cause I can't afford one) so everything died. We sat and waited for the power to come back.
After about five minutes I was bored I started messing with the mobile, taking photos by candle light and I changed the wallpaper. Then my partner and I started playing a two player mobile game. I am not big on mobile games but desperate times. Anyway we were playing for about 2 hours when the mobile started giving the battery low beep, it only beeped twice then died in my partners hands. It was so funny I forgot to tell him that I had changed the wallpaper so the screen went from -> his move in the game -> then flashed the wallpaper -> then went black.

This is what I had changed the wallpaper too:

(click on it to see full size.)

Anyway just as we were about to bring out the pocket calculators; the power was restored and all was well.

I have been enjoying the Sci Fi channel. There have been some good things on so far. I have been waiting to see some of them. I will have to get my laptop fixed soon though cause it is annoying not having Internet access anywhere in the house. Currently my laptop looks like this:So as you can see I am not doing a lot with it. Oh well, have to fix it.