Tuesday, November 28, 2006

9 Words representing the Most Important things that I have learned this year

Apple PieIt was my 27th Birthday yesterday, 27 on the 27th. I had a awesome day. My darling, made me yummy meals and beautiful apple pie (pictured left). I had a really wonderful day. I went to bed with a smile on my face.

Through out the day I was sitting and thinking, and I contemplated all of the things I have learned this year. There have been so many of them. It made me wonder if I could boil it all down to a few really important things that I have learned.

The Most Important things that I have learned this year.
This turned out to be a more difficult question than I realized. I started thinking through my achievements,
e.g. Giving up smoking and completing 2 diplomas.
I realized I was thinking way to low, and narrow. (That is Low thought process, and narrow field of perception.)
Well what did these achievements teach me?
e.g. About my health, and about cigarette damage. Or perhaps about project management, and dealing with teachers.
What where my failings and what did they teach me?
e.g. What plans didn't succeed? What ideas weren't implemented?
I still wasn't delving deep enough, there was more there. What lessons where learned? What inspired me?
All these are good questions, producing many answers, yet still there is way more. Then I stopped for a moment. As per usual I had forgotten the golden rule of 'keepen' it simple'.
I realized that I could think of 9 or 10 words to cover everything. Each word would represent which I have learned through out the year.

9 Words representing the Most Important things that I have learned this year.
After doing this exercise I was truly amazed with the results. I slowly sat and looked over the words that I had chosen and realized that all of the lessons that I had learned this year fitted into them in one way or another. Also each word had at least one flip meaning, a warning, or balance.
As it is coming up to the end of the year, try this exercise for yourself and find out how much you have truly grown this year. I was amazed with what I found.


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