Saturday, December 09, 2006

Know Your Docs

Over the past couple of days I have written and tested a couple of different pf(4) rulesets and I am really happy with the results. I was surprised how easy I found writing these rulesets.
When I learned FreeBSD's ipfw(8) I struggled a lot with the finer points of configuration. I believe that the difference I have made in learning pf(4) is becoming so familiar with the documentation before moving on to the implementation step. With ipfw(8) I tried to "learn by doing". Even though I think that learning by doing is an effective method, I believe for myself I need to read and know the documentation first, then put what I have learned into practice.
I am really having fun with pf, it is a wonderful and very complete piece of software, and I will be using it much more from now on.

Todays mantra:
  1. Locate the Documentation
  2. Read the Documentation
  3. Follow the Documentation
  4. BECOME the Documentation