Thursday, June 21, 2007

What do you think?

Yesterday I was looking at: There are some very interesting things to examine. This page here particularly intrigued me:
Which one is Booba ?

Have a look at it and see what you think. I have my own theories, yet I would LOVE to hear what other people think.

Why do you think nearly 100% of people chose the same one?


inaequitas said...

I would bet it has to do with the naming chosen for them. "Booba" being a rounder word of sorts, it hints at the rounder shape.

Kris said...

Yeah I agree totally with you in part, these are a few of my points:
1. The rounded sounds of the word reflect the rounded shape.
2. The female qualities of both word and picture.
3. The colour of the shape is closer to the sound of the word.

There are other relationships that I could make, yet I think that the reason most people chose "Booba" as the name for that shape is because:
They think it's the answer they are supposed to chose.

I know that was the first thought that went through my head.
I believe this is because there are so many different relationships between the two. That our subconscious just says "that's the right one".

So does that sound crazy?