Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Playing with iGoogle

Tonight I have been playing around with iGoogle, and I'm unusually impressed. I don't normally go for this sort of thing AT ALL! Yet this is interesting, and it works surprisingly well.

Daz tried to show me iGoogle ages ago. I didn't even listen, I just thought it was like all the others. I'm sorry baby... My cynical nature often gets the better of me.

This is my home page. I am still playing around. Yet there are many many things to look at, and play with.

I have never liked the idea of a web portal, yet I think this has been done quite well. Especially when you add the functionality of other google applications, e.g. gmail, iCalender, iSpreadsheet.

I certainly think it is worth a look. I can see uses for it other than just a homepage. Yet I want to look more into this.

I put the games: "Frogger" and "PacMan", in a tab :) So I wasted a bit... of time playing them tonight :)


J MacKenzie said...

I love iGoogle, I just recently discovered it!