Saturday, March 24, 2007

Back to BSD

Well I am back in FreeBSD. It has taken me a while to build everything from source, using the FreeBSD ports system, yet I am happy and it feels like I'm home. It will take me a while to get everything back to normal, I've only ever ran FreeBSD 6.2 as a server not a Desktop, so it should be interesting to view the changes.

I have been really busy while my desktop has been installing. I rebuilt my VMware server because I wasn't happy with it's configuration, which went really well. I'm so happy with the results! (I wish I'd done it sooner) I have cleaned my house, plus I have been out and about traveling around in the car.

It has been strange not being able to sit down at my computer and simply login and do my things. I haven't even got my rss reader, and all my admin tools up and going yet. Hopefully I should have time over the weekend to finish setting it all up.
I am going to make myself an install disk this time :)
Well thats it for me today, have a good one :)