Friday, March 16, 2007

The view from Solaris 10

Well here I am in Solaris. So far I really like it. I finished installing the system last night, yet I had problems with one of my network cards, and I installed a non-networked computer. I was tired and annoyed so I thought I would leave things until today.
This morning I put my generic $15 realtek Ethernet card in, and reinstalled. Now I have a networked system, which I am really happy with.

I haven't even close to finished configuring it, and playing with settings and things. Currently I'm waiting for the 37 updates to install, and I'm reading the Solaris docs. I quite like the Java desktop, menus and tabs open very fast, almost before the mouse clicks, which is interesting, yet I am getting used to it.
So far I really like the view from here. I hope the blue sky's continue!