Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why blame technology for bad behavior?

I would like to congratulate the Victorian government once again on their fear based, knee-jerk reaction to the Internet and computers. Victoria is an Australian state, and it has decided to ban YouTube in government run schools. Supposedly in a bid to stamp out bullying.
Why on earth are people still so scared of computers?
Why do they blame technology for other problems?
Why do they think by banning a web site they can stop anything?
Plus what on earth does bulling have to do with YouTube in the first place?
Wont students just go and look this stuff up at home if they are banned at school?
Doesn't this type of behavior just cause a Streisand effect?

There was no YouTube when I was at school, and I had the same 4-5 girls bully me as apart of my everyday high school experience. I don't think technology had anything to do with that, actually I'm sure of it!

Why aren't we teaching children how to use the Internet? and what to do if they come across inappropriate material. Teaching them to filter themselves, to know what is right and wrong for them. Banning things from people only causes a Streisand effect, and covetous behavior.
Why aren't we finding out why kids are bullying and put a stop to it? (Or at least effort.)
Why do we censor children instead of teaching them?
How can you teach a child to grow and become their own person if they are being banned from things, having their freedom taken from them?
How can you show trust in children when you haven't shown them how to take care of themselves?

Haven't educators/parents realized that "I am what ever you say I am"! If you treat people a certain way then they are eventually going to act that way. It is simple human psychology.

The ONLY thing school teaches you is; your place, it teaches you to follow. Any original thought is squashed, and individuality heavily discouraged. When I entered school, I could read at a 6 grade level, I was quite smart. Smart enough that I scared the teachers into ringing my parents, and threatening them for what I knew. Then I was in trouble from both teachers and parents over and over again, until finally in grade 3 I gave up. I didn't do the work, I stopped learning, and I became a quiet kid that no one knew, and they all left me alone (well until high school). I'm still catching up for all that time lost. I still consider myself to be stupid, after all; "I am what ever you say I am".

Schools are only damaging our children, turning them into sheeple, that follow, and can't make decisions for themselves. Sheeple that you can't trust to do anything without holding their hand, "trained monkeys" (as I have heard a school teacher describe his students). What educators, and governments are failing to realize is that children are way better at computers, and technology than most adults.
Personally I am not at all amazed to watch a child use a computer, show me a person in there 80's or 90's using it, then I will be impressed.

We should be helping teach our children, not sending them off to some strange place and having others squash their potential, and worse! Imagine all of the brilliant minds lost in formal education. Adults that are now to scared (or to well trained) to use any individual thought.

Congratulations again to the Victorian government, for showing us that fear of technology, lack of understanding and knowledge, has once again lead to censoring our children, instead of teaching them. After all isn't the student also the teacher?

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inaequitas said...

I guess everybody's on this bandwagon of defending the kids against technology because it's easiest to do so right now; I mean what better way to satisfy parents' needs of unworth gratification as to their nurturing skills? It is never the parents' fault anymore and our favourite scapegoat is tech. Also, probably because so many don't understand it and cannot explain it to their young, they try to ban it wherever possible and avoid dealing with it. Security by Obscurity, I suppose.

As for high-schools, yes, they lack any substance of individuality. They support followers and suck-ups, bullshit team spirit events and massive segregation [I'm bitter and I wasn't even unpopular] University is such a different environment where you can feel almost everyone's so eager to share ideas, combat and react :)


Kris said...

Thank you for your comment!
I agree, tech is the current favorite scapegoat. In times past it was rock music, dancing, drugs, or anything frightening and not understood by most. Anything; as long as the real problems are not brought into question.
It sounds like University is a wonderful encouraging environment (It sounds very different to the technical college where I did my diplomas). I really hope one day to have the opportunity to go. Thanks once again.

inaequitas said...

Well from what I know from people that have gone/are going to tech colleges, they're a pretty good place to learn things [as Universities do, still, deal with a lot of academic/theoretical stuff.] But people seem *generally* less eager/willing to play around with ideas as compared to Uni. At least, in that respect, I'm having a blast :)