Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My New DLink router

I received a graduation and an early birthday present today! I love it so much, it is a DLink DSL-504T router. I have the Greatest best friend in the world!

I thought at first it was going to be a world of pain and disasters, but everything turned out ok in the end. Here is the story;
I excitingly unpacked the present from the box and plugged everything in, booted into my desktop, loaded up the router's web interface in my browser and started playing with the configs.
At first there wasn't a problem, I did a default pre-configuration and tested connectivity, everything looked sweet so I continued tweaking settings here and there. Once I had everything the way I wanted it; I rebooted the router and my desktop.
Everything was going along really well, for around an hour or so, (I was impressed with the speed and all my boxes where happily enjoying the ride. I knew that my old router was getting pretty bad, I just didn't realise how bad.)
When all of a sudden the router stopped routing...
Everything stopped, no connectivity anywhere, in anyway. I did some testing and found nothing. None of my settings had changed, nothing seemed wrong, all of the logs where fine, all of the configs where fine all of the lights where blinking just right. I was stumped, not a single idea entered my head, not one.

So I went back to the store with my best friend and replaced the dodgy one with another one. I was worried about the new one straight away, there was no plastic around the box. It had already been opened and the box was slightly damaged. Yet it was the only one they had left in stock. So I wandered home and plugged in the new router, I went to configure it when I noticed that the settings where not default, no the last guy who returned it had left his settings and password in the router. I decided that this was probably a really bad sign.
I reset the router and added my settings, but it was a failure, there was no nothing, the connection was not working at all. It was dead in the water from before it landed in my home.

I stormed down to the store, a little 'pissed off' and spoke to the people there they returned my money, they where really nice about it. My friend and I then wondered along to another computer store to discover that the only router in there was the exact same type as the one we had just taken back.
After slightly scaring a young man in there over being able to bring it back if it was like the last two, we paid $18 more and purchased the router. I checked the batch and serial numbers it was not even close to the same. I hoped that was a good sign...

I plugged it in (by this stage I knew exactly where everything was and where it needed to go, so it was very quick), I added all my settings, and guess what...
it didn't go... I sat and pondered my navel for a while.
Then it came to me... in one last effort to get the router before this one going I had modified the DNS settings on my desktop... opps, so I changed these settings back to my ISP's DNS servers and away it went.
This router is awesome, I love it. I am glad that I didn't go for another brand, I thought about it but now I am so happy to have this one.

I have the coolest best friend. None of these weird graduation gifts, no flowers (which would just die), or pendants (which I will never look at again), no none of that, the most perfect gift you could give a Network Engineer and Sys admin a: DLink Router.
I am so lucky...
Thank you.