Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Turning off the Network Applet in Ubuntu

I'm not a fan of the networking applet (nm-applet) in the panel of Ubuntu. When I had a laptop and was moving networks all the time it was handy, but I'm using a desktop at the moment, and there is no easy way to turn it off. If you would like to remove it, then there are a couple of steps that you will need to follow.

  • Open the Sessions dialog; System --> Preferences --> Sessions
  • In the Startup Programs tab find the Network Manager option and untick the box.
  • Then go into the Current Sessions tab, and select the program which says 'nm-applet --sm-disable' (without quotes).
  • Click 'Remove', and then 'Apply'.
  • Now close the dialog (save if it asks you too).
  • Restart gdm (Gnome Display Manager); Close all open Applications, Then press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace.
Once you have restarted gdm the network applet will be gone.


Jimmy F. said...

Good, thanks

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