Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ngircd: A simple ircd

I installed a new server today. This server will have a very light load so I am giving it many tasks. I installed Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, as I want to run VMware server on it. Unfortunately none of the BSD's can run it.

After configuring a firewall, and hardening the system; I installed an irc daemon for an internal network. I decided to use ngircd as the daemon. I like this application, it is really easy to install and use.
To install in Ubuntu I just ran:
# sudo apt-get install ngircd
Then edited the configuration file, it is really straightforward:
# sudo vim /etc/ngircd/ngircd.conf
Now restart the daemon:
# sudo /etc/init.d/ngircd restart
After thats done just log into the server from another computer, making sure your firewall lets you through, and test that everything works properly.

Then I installed VMware server, this is also an easy process which I talk about here: VMware server on Ubuntu.
Later I will also setup a printer and scanner on this computer, which will be accessible by the whole network.