Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The past weeks happenings have certainly been interesting ones. My partner and I have been fixing up our car, getting new tires, and doing general maintenance. As well as fixing a couple of problems; including a massive crack in the radiator. I learned how to solder big things. I have only ever done electronic soldering before, so this was really interesting.

I have also been having next door neighbor problems! I forgot that helping people is a crime. My partner and I helped the 86 year old lady next door, and ever since we have had one drama after another with her husband, and daughter. It went to the extent of having to call the police last week. I don't understand why some people are like this. I think respect has gone out the window.

Speaking of lack of respect; My partners eldest boy turned up at our place on Friday night, on his motorcycle, with learners plates, and proceeded to pull a beer from is jacket and drink it.
I couldn't believe it! Not only didn't he have any respect for his father, but he had no respect for the fact that we don't drink. Nor the fact that it is illegal for a sixteen year old to drink, or to ride a motorcycle on "L's" with any alcohol in his/her system. He had no comprehension of how he could kill someone or himself doing this.
He's normally a good boy, and I certainly don't want to put him down in anyway. I just don't understand where the lack of respect comes from. It seems that this type of behavior is common place among so many people these days.
What has happened to having respect for yourself and others? Has the school system crushed this from our kids as well now?