Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moveable Type 4.0

If you read my: Of Tea and Turtles blog; you'll know that I've been away from the real world, dealing with family reality for the past couple of weeks, yet I'm trying to get back on track.

I've been playing around with Moveable Type 4.0, for a couple of days now, and I'm really impressed. The company is currently moving towards an Open Source solution: Movable Type Open Source Project.

I've been using the free for personal use Moveable Type (MT4) on FreeBSD 5.5, and I'm really happy with it's performance. There are a number of programs needed, before installing MT4, and you need to change permissions on a number of MT4 files, yet once it is running it is very nice to use.

From what I've read there have been many changes since the last version, yet this is the first time I've used it. For information on MT4 please see: Moveable Type 4.

I'm going to write a tutorial on performing a Moveable Type installation, yet I thought I would write a FAMP (FreeBSD Apache Mysql and Perl/PHP) how to first. Then I can write a number of tutorials linking back to the main FAMP one.


Byrne Reese said...

I am glad you like what we have done with MT4. This release has been so exciting - especially because so many people have been reviewing it favorably. Which is remarkable considering that we are soooo far from done. The next version 4.1 promises to be even more exciting in many respects.

Kris said...

It's great to hear that your working so hard on MT. Also it is wonderful to see that your listening to what people have to say about it. I think a lot of companies miss the importance of listening to the users.
Congratulations of a wonderful application and good luck for the future.