Thursday, August 02, 2007

Adding OpenBSD to Grub

I added OpenBSD to my GRUB menu.lst config file today. After a bit of messing around, it still didn't boot. So I did a Google search and came across this file: GRUB's menu.lst config file, with examples for various OSes.

This file details where I was going wrong, and how to boot OpenBSD using GRUB. I have placed the relative information here for future reference:
# The OpenBSD section of the menu.lst config file, for GRUB.
## You would like to use:
# root (hd1,1,a)
# kernel --type=openbsd /bsd
# But OpenBSD passes bios & kernel parameters with its own bootloader,
# the first stage of which is installed in the partition boot record,
# and in turn calls /boot, which in turn loads kernel /bsd. So just
# use the GRUB chainloader instead:
## OpenBSD
title OpenBSD
root (hd1,1)
chainloader +1


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks, just what i needed right now!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this site. various kinds of ebooks are available in this site

Anonymous said...

The writes "The booting instruction is exactly the same as for NetBSD" and the says "it may be better to chain-load it", so you are absolutely right.
Maybe the usage of "rootnoverify" would be better than the "root".
Thank you for your entry, it is very useful.