Friday, June 06, 2008

Lost in Space

Hi everyone, thank you to those who have sent me emails over the past six months inquiring of my whereabouts and my well being, it's been awhile.
I'd rather not say where I've been, or whats been happening, none of it is relative to this blog anyway.

A couple of hours ago I logged into all of my email accounts, for the first time in around 6 months. My private accounts contained nothing but spam, no real mail.
Then I logged into my Geekybits email address to discover emails from people all over the world. People asking questions, making comments, wondering were I was, urging me to help them, or to continue writing.
I was amazed, stunned...

Then I started thinking, wow there are more people here who care about me then in real life. So if any of these people knew me in real life how would they treat me?
Would they be like everyone else that I know?
Would they treat me like a badly dressed, unemployed, geek, that sits on her computer all day?
Chances are yes...
In reality I can't get a job, I struggle pay the bills, and I'm not exactly the most social person you'll ever meet. The only good thing in my life, is my wonderful loving husband.

However here, lost in the anonymity of the internet, I'm treated as an authority, as someone who knows their subject and writes clearly about it. Someone worth listening to and asking advice from. It amazes me to think that a few words online can change people perspective.
I'd like to think that I'm learning everyday, that the information that I proved is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge, yet I had no idea that people actually listened and want to read more. That people respected my opinion and my knowledge. Thank you!

If I'd continued not to write, Geekybits would have faded, another forgotten blog, which no one writes or reads anymore. Irrelevant and unimportant in this fast moving, constantly changing world.
If a blog author was to die would anyone even notice?
Would those post just be suspended in time, lost in the data floating around the net?

This made me think of Donald Crowdis, María Amelia and Olive Riley, three of the worldest oldest bloggers, and if anyone would notice their passing. Perhapes we would notice the passing of Olive as her friend Mike posts for her, yet what of the others? I've read Dons blog many many times, and yet he hasn't written since the 8th of March 2007, I hope sincerely that he is OK, but how would I ever know?

I would like to try to start writing again, no promises on heaps of articles. I think that I have more to share, and more help to give, so stay tuned, Geekybits lives again...


Kevin Mullins said...

Welcome Back Kris,

Hope to hear more from you soon.

Kris said...

Thank you!!!

Petskull said...

I didn't send you an email, but have been wondering where you been. I'd been staring at that 'DMA and Ubuntu' link at the top of my iGoogle for the longest time.

Glad to hear you're back. I lurk a lot, so you won't hear so much out of me- but it you write gold on Ubuntu, programming, and computers/networking, you can be sure I'll be enjoying it here in the background.

Kris said...

Thanks Petskull,
I tend to be like that on most blogs, just standing back in the distance, taking it all in.
Thank you for your kind words, and have fun in all your adventures,
Cheers Kris

LonerVamp said...

Welcome back! I admit I've clicked through several times wondering if the RSS feed broke on me, then idly wondering where life may have taken you. I don't think I contemplate that blog authors might have died; I typically just figure they moved on in life either professionally or found their blog didn't offer them anything.

I wonder how many stale blogs will remain out there over time? Maybe as many as stale geocities and angelfire sites? :)

Randy said...

I know, you were doing the coding for the Mars lander, and NASA finally let you out of their grasp. Glad that thing got landed on mars, and you're back here. :)

Kris said...

Shh... classified... ;-)
I often wonder about blog/website authors. People are so far away, although they read your words, ideas and thoughts, they are still so far away.

Off into the ether, another thought becomes data, where does it go? Does it even exist to the machine? Or do the characters become zeros and ones and just get counted into the whole?

Randy said...

Don't know. Quantum mechanics and 1's and 0's could make one go mad. - Thus Science Fiction so we can vent some of it.

I forget the author of a quote, but it went something like this - Sleep gives us a chance to be a little insane each night - horrible paraphrase of the quote, but it gets the idea through.

LonerVamp said...

spider flits through bits
consuming digital thoughts
does it understand?

Maybe this is the beginning of how we achieve a collective consciousness. :)

esofthub said...


It's good to see that you are writing again. I was one of those frequent visitors who wondered about your blogging status.