Saturday, December 08, 2007

7 Tips For Answering Your Tech Questions

We all come across problems in our computer ventures at some time or another. I have a number of tips that may help you find answers to your problems:

  1. Search: Searching google, or any other search engine, will often yield results, and it's always a good place to start.
  2. Search using your Error: If your problem is in relation to an error, and you have an error displayed on your screen try a search for that exact error. If someone has asked about it in a forum, or talked about it on there blog, then you will likely find your answer much more quickly.
  3. Documentation: Search the Handbook/Documentation relating to your operating system.
  4. Read the Manual: Read the manual pages relating to your problem.
  5. Mailing Lists: Search through the mailing list archives relating to your topic. You can also sign up for a number of list, and often you find solutions to problems that you haven't had yet ;-)
  6. Forums: Search the forums, relating to your distribution to see if someone else has answered your question.
  7. Ask: After exhausting all other options ask your question on a forum. Make sure that no one has asked your question before, and that you have searched every where else first. Also make sure that you place your question in an appropriate forum, in an appropriate place.
Have Fun!!!